Affordable Custom Mid Century Furniture

We are a super tiny furniture company! It was not easy when we first started this business. We lived in a small 2 bedroom house 800 sq ft house. No garage, no shop, no covered patio or work space. We turned our 2nd bedroom into a wood shop and as our sales increased, our entire house became a wood shop. Coffee tables lined the kitchen counters. The living room was a shipping area. Eventually we were able to afford a tuff shed out back to work in. That was a tight space but at least we had our 2nd bedroom back! Removed dust from the walls and ripping out the floor to replace it. Not many can say they had a table saw set up in their bedroom.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers, we were able to purchase a home with a real workshop space! We now have a home on 1/2 acre with a workshop.

How did we start this business? We started out fixing up old furniture and giving it a new life, as a hobby on the weekends. When we both lost our jobs we had more time to get more creative. We started transforming antique sewing machine tables into gorgeous one of a kind laptop desks. Once those were becoming more difficult to find we moved on to mid century style furniture as we began to love and admire the style. Such amazing style they had back then! We shopped at garage sales and estate sales looking for mid century tables to refinish and sell. That also became difficult to find at affordable prices. Mid Century furniture is not easy to find at an affordable price!

So, finally we decided to attempt actually building the furniture ourselves. We started out with a tiny little record player cabinet and a bookcase that we picked up for $4 at a garage sale and based those items on our construction. We added our own style and a modern touch and created a design of our very own.

After the first few pieces sold on Etsy (that did take a while) we started getting requests for other things. TV stands, desks, nightstands, etc.... Now we have a huge line of furniture that we offer in custom sizes and colors! Our customers love us and we love our customers! We are so excited to have accidentally fallen into this business and we are so lucky that we found something we are both great at. We never imagined our new career would be our own business building hand crafted custom furniture. It is a dream come true. This is a stressful business but also very satisfying that our designs and creations are enjoyed in homes and offices all over the world.

Thank you so much for reading our story and for choosing us to furnish your house. We work really hard to make your home pretty! By purchasing from us, you will know that your furniture was made with hard work and love.

Shop small and shop local!

Christy & Randall
OrWa Designs Corp.

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